How it works (BUYER)

How it works (BUYER)

There is no worse feeling than buying something and then seeing a better price somewhere else. This goes double for a large and important purchase like a new car.

Many people don’t realise that dealers often have excess stock of new cars that they struggle to sell. Dealerships also have rebates and specials that can change from month to month. We connect you to these dealers, and allow them to bid for your sale.

We have a strategic alliance with dealers from all manufacturers throughout the country, so we can offer access to discounts on whatever vehicle you choose. By giving more dealers a chance to bid for your transaction you will get the best possible price.

By opening your inquiry to the whole country, you benefit from the differences in prices and demand between different regions and cities. Your preferred car may be popular in your area, but unpopular elsewhere.

Dealers who use Beat The Price only have the option to bid on vehicles that they already stock. This ensures that only recognized dealers for the vehicle you require can bid for your business.

Auctions run for up to 14 days to allow dealers to compete to bring you the lowest price. Once we have a winning bid, Beat The Price gets your approval to proceed. We then connect you directly with the dealer so that you can complete the sale.

Beat the Price oversees the flow of information and supports the entire process through our call centre. We ensure that our clients remain happy with our services and more importantly, with their purchase.

How much will this cost me?

We do not charge our buyers anything to find them a car. We promise to get you the best deal without any hidden fees.