Dealer FAQ

How does the cost structure work for our dealership?

This will be discussed telephonically with one of our dealer agents. We have one of the most competitive spotter fees and it’s not based on percentage of price.

Are there any upfront or fixed monthly costs?

No sign-up fees.
No monthly fees.
No contracts that bind you to our service.

How soon will I receive a buyer's information after an auction has closed?

It usually takes 24 hours between the end of an auction and the dealer receiving a buyer's information. It could sometimes take longer if a customer starts his finance with us after he receives the best price.

Are there situations where a buyer will be put in touch with multiple dealers, after an auction has closed?

Some buyers may ask to be put in touch with multiple dealers, but this is not the norm.

How does Beat The Price validate enquiries?

We endeavour to respond to all enquiries by telephone before activation. If a customer only wants communication by email we unfortunately cannot validate. Our finance department provides an additional level of validation.

Once the bidding process has ended and our dealership has the lowest bid, what happens then?

If we have reviewed the winning bid, and are comfortable in sending the lead to the winning dealer, we do so using an automatic process. Both buyer and winning dealer are informed of each other's details.
Sometimes we may still be busy with a finance approval, and will only send the lead to the winning dealer at the conclusion of that process.
There have also been cases where a client requests specifically to speak to more than one dealer, eg, the winning dealer and another that may have the exact colour desired.
Furthermore, in some cases a buyer may choose to go with a dealer located in their immediate vicinity.
Our call centre also attempts (in most cases) to phone the winning dealer and congratulate them on their winning bid, and confirm we have sent the information required.

What happens if our dealership uses a different payment gateway than Seriti?

Beat The Price currently uses Seriti as gateway to the banks but in cases of other gateways being used we will send the dealer the application form.