Buyer FAQ

How does Beat the Price make money?

Beat The Price receives a modest commission from the winning dealer.

What happens to my trade-in?

Beat The Price sees the trade-in/second-hand vehicle as a separate transaction. The best deals are done when a dealer does not have to take into account the risk of a used car into the pricing of the new one. With the multitude of used car selling/buying sites available we could recommend someone if needed. We have relationships with some of the sites.

What personal information do I need to give?

We just require your contact details: your name, surname and how we can get in touch with you.

How soon will I get a response from you?

We normally respond the same day. If your request is made over a weekend or public holiday you will be contacted on the following day or Monday.

Are the dealers on Beat The Price reputable?

Beat the Price only does business with manufacturer-approved new car dealers. The standards set by the manufacturers are so strict that we feel confident in stating that they are highly reputable.

What happens if I decide not to buy?

You will not be held to any purchase as you have not committed to anything by submitting your enquiry details to us.

Why does Beat The Price specialize in new vehicles only?

As Beat the Price uses a reverse auction to get dealers to bid against each other for exactly the same vehicle, we cannot apply this on second-hand cars. For instance, a 2017 Nissan Micra with 22000km in Cape Town could be totally different to the same car in Pietersburg. For a reverse auction to be effective the products need to be the same.

How does Beat The Price assist me with financing?

Beat the Price has a business relationship with the highly respected financial service provider, Seriti. Seriti offers a platform to the motor industry to send applications for finance to finance banks. Thus, we can assist in getting your application processed before your auction has been completed.

What if I want to cancel my enquiry?

If you cancel your enquiry we will surely miss you but you have no obligation to anyone. We look forward to assisting you in future.

What does the 'indicative price' mean?

Indicative price is seen as the ruling price of that model at the specified date. This is just an indication of what the normal manufacturer's recommended price is.

May I request more than one vehicle at a time?

You can request an additional vehicle of a different make and model. Once you have completed your first request, you have the option of adding another vehicle using the same details you have already filled in.
Once the request has run its course and closed, you can request more vehicles.

Will my information be shared with all of your dealers?

We don’t share your information with any of the dealers during the auction period and will only provide the winning dealer with your information once the auction has been successfully completed. You may request contact with more than one dealer.

Will I receive the winning dealer’s contact information?

We share your provided details with the dealer and the transaction is concluded between yourself and the dealer. We also send you the dealer's information.

How long has Beat The Price been providing its unique service?

We have been operational since March 2017 and hope to be your buying portal for years to come.

What happens if I decide to buy later?

If you put your purchase off until later, we recommend you load a new enquiry when ready, as pricing is very time dependent.

What saving can I expect?

Savings from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands have been achieved.

What are the costs to the buyer?

There are no cost to the buyer for using our service.

Why do you ask about a driver's license?

Most buyers require finance and the financing banks require insurance and you will not be able to get insurance on your name if you do not have a valid driver's license.

Can you help me arrange insurance?

Yes, we can help you arrange insurance, just tick the box: Would you like us to arrange insurance?

What is included in the price I receive?

We have an arrangement with our dealers that they have to provide a price that includes delivery to your specified area. The only extra price would be for licencing and registration in your name. Also if extras are added after the initial pricing it could also increase your price.

Why is my enquiry open to dealers from anywhere?

We hope to get you the best price nationally. As some vehicles sell better in some areas, we hope we can get your preferred vehicle from a dealer where this may apply. When you open your enquiry to the whole of the country you will get the best price.

How will my vehicle be delivered to me?

After arranging delivery, dealers may opt to drive your vehicle to you or get it delivered by car carrier.

Why does Beat The Price require a colour?

Sometimes your requested colour could have limited stock and this could drive up the price. We recommend adding extra colour options.

What should I do if the dealer does not have my exact vehicle?

Dealers generally will do their best to match the vehicle you have configured on Beat the Price, but sometimes they will not have an exact match for the car you are looking to purchase. This is not the dealer's fault, but rather a challenge with the way vehicles are manufactured and marketed. While some vehicles are produced in large numbers, other vehicles are produced in smaller numbers. To further complicate things, many options or colours will be produced in even more limited combinations. This creates a great deal of confusion for buyers who may want a very specific configuration. Ultimately this can affect your expectations when contacting a dealer, so it may be helpful to keep an open mind about what the dealer may be offering as an alternative.

How can I send my validation documents (such as your payslip, statements, etc.) to the dealer?

Banks do not accept document in .doc format or photos of documents. It must be in PDF format.

Here is what you can do:
If it is a document on your computer, you can have Microsoft Word to save it as a PDF, or you can use Windows Print to PDF.

If it is an actual printed document, you can take it to a printing services shop such as Postnet, and ask them to scan and email the documents for you.
You can also use a phone app such as CamScanner or Tiny Scanner that will take a photo of your document, and save it as a PDF file.

If the documents are to big to email (some email providers puts a limit on the size of email you can send), then you can use to share files.